Album Picks: Blush

Mooseblood satisfies the pop-punk lover in all of us. Their lyrics are incredible and the vocals will keep you coming back for more. My personal favorite album, “Blush,” was released relatively recently in 2016. These tracks remind me why I fell in love with them in the first place. Here are my top picks from Mooseblood’s “Blush.”

The lyrics are my favorite part of this track. It holds a ton of emotion and is a relatable set of lines while also remaining totally clever and standing apart from tracks that tackle the same subject matter.

A slow track, “Shimmer” is another set of lines that are emotional and relatable. Unfortunately, this is a track that you need to be in a mood for. While incredible, it’s a heavy song.

One of my all-time favorite for the band, “Knuckles” is the classic pop-punk vibes that Mooseblood is always striving for.

This track has a bit of a different vibe. Instead of a classic view of pop-punk style, “Sulk” has a different production line. It’s a fresh new take on a classic style that Mooseblood has developed.

The combination of the production with the lyrics make this one of my favorite tracks that Mooseblood has ever released. The final minute and a half of this track pulls your heartstrings, using this same style tactic.

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