Album Picks: Here Come The Runts

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AWOLNATION is an American alternative rock band, formed in 2009 by Aaron Bruno. Most known for their hit top hit “Sail,” and other great tracks like “Woman Woman” and “Hollow Moon (Bad Wold),” the band has risen to be iconic and incredibly dynamic for their genre. Always playing with new styles, the release of their newest album, “Here Come The Runts,” was exciting for all fans of alternative, not just the band. Here are the top picks from AWOLNATION’s “Here Come The Runts.”


AWOLNATION is known for their blending of styles within their tracks, and “Passion” is no different. The stark contrast between deep bass electronic and steady beats can be a recipe for a terrible track, but AWOLNATION has perfected the craft and ensured an incredible tune.


That being said, the band can perform individual genres very well. “Handyman” is a great example of that. The vocals and slow, steady tune is maybe out of the ordinary, but is done incredibly well, making this one of the best tracks on the album.

“Table For One” 

“Table For One” is, arguably, the best track on the album. The lyrics are thoughtful and the production that follows them fits well and it some of the catchiest that the band has produced.


Grunge, bass, and great lyrics- “Cannonball” is another one of my favorites. Back to a style more branded for the band, “Cannonball” is a great track to just jam out to.

“Tall, Tall Tale” 

The always pushing production gives tons of tension to this track, making it an intriguing listen. “Tall, Tall Tale” has a very steady tempo, but somehow gives a very anxious vibe. The sound additions, such as a light synths and water droplet truly make this production heavy track one of the best.

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