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Glass Animals has been an artist that I’ve been listening to since early high school. Recently, in light of midterms and term papers, I’ve rekindled my love for this deliciously odd band. “ZABA” is the band’s first album, released in 2014, and certainly sets the pace for the rest of their tracks. Here are my top picks from Glass Animals’ “ZABA.”

A very safari vibe track, “Pools” is one of my recent loves. I didn’t appreciate it nearly as much as I do now when I was a young high schooler. The lyrics are as psychedelic as you would expect, but the production gives it a heavier weight.

My favorite track from this album, “Wyrd” has a very specific heaviness in the production. A very late night foreign club vibe, this is a song that reminds me of my recent study abroad trip. Each vocal and each beat takes me back to a Greek beach with a Corona.

“Cocoa Hooves”
I keep thinking of very fluid words to describe this album, but “Cocoa Hooves” has a sharper tone. The downbeats are harsher and the lyrics are a bit more aggressive. It’s a change of pace that the album certainly benefitted from.

This track certainly embodies the “gooey” vibe that this album is based on. A psychedelic experience, “Toes” has a very quiet, smooth tone.

A more “Mulan” and Asian vibe, “Hazey” has a very distinct sound that the rest of the album doesn’t have. The lyrics are incredibly thoughtful, as well. While the band has very specific lyric choices, “Hazey” has more weight to it.

This track has a name that describes the entirety of the album and style that Glass Animals has established. “Gooey” has all of the elements that makes this album one of my favorites: a psychedelic lyric choice, great vocals, and thoughtful production.

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