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Not all music to jam out to has to have lyrics. Instrumental tracks are incredible, as well. Whether from movies or from artists who only work in instrumental, they’re a great addition to any playlist- here are just a few of my favorites, dabbling in an assortment of albums that are worth investigating further.

“Time” by Hans Zimmer

A favorite from the Inception soundtrack, “Time” is a very slow but a very narrative track. It builds to a climax that still has a very calm quality.

“Dream Is Collapsing” by Hans Zimmer

Quite the opposite is “Dream Is Collapsing,” also from Inception. It’s intense from the beginning and highlights one of the most iconic moments in the movie.

“The Return” by Joe Hisaishi

From Spirited Away comes “The Return,” a very light hearted and nostalgic track. Ghibli films have iconically crafted music and this classic from one of their most popular films is no exception.

“Adagio of Life and Death” by Joe Hisaishi

A favorite from Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke, this is from one of the most powerful scenes in the film. The narrative that the instrumental track lays out is astonishing, as well. It’s a beautiful rendition of a very intense moment.

“Aren’t We All Running?” by 65daysofstatic

65daysofstatic is an iconic band for instrumentals. It’s a modern twist on a classical form, and “Aren’t We All Running?” is one of the most iconic. It’s a balance of sharp synths and piano tunes, a perfect balance.

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