Weekly Playlists: May Week Three

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Summer is here- finally! With it comes a new set of tunes to jam out to during your sunny commute. The sun rises early these days, and your daily playlist should be fresh and new as well. Here are five new tracks to add to your commute playlist.


“Jesus Christ” by Brand New

An all-time favorite, this track is a great throwback for long, cool summer nights. While the lyrics his hard, the production is so calm and tranquil. Brand New is beyond talented and this is certainly one of their best tracks.


“Jackie” by Cold Fronts

Much more upbeat than my previous picks, this is from a band that I am relatively new to. It’s certainly a summer track, one to mindlessly enjoy and jam out to.


“I Would Do Anything For You” by Foster The People

An oldie but a goodie- Foster The People truly outdid themselves when it cam eto their debut studio album. This track is a slower and certainly worth a few listens. It’s gentle and a breath of fresh air from the mild techno that the band favors.


“Historic Cemetery” by The Front Bottoms

The Front Bottoms is iconic and I have found myself drifting back to this song often. The lyrics and production are great, as usual. It’s another memorable track from a great band.


“Alligator Bop” by A Great Big Pile Of Leaves

A Great Big Pile Of Leaves is my current summer favorite. The style is laid back but is an edge of summer bonfire with smores and a few beers. They’re fun, but still something to just hang out and listen to.


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