How Seattle Car Buyers can Fix Their Credit for a Used Car

The Credit Pros

no money down used car options in SeattleSo you have had a few problems with getting your bills paid lately? Your now wondering what you can do to repair the damaged credit because you want to purchase a used car in Seattle Washington.


Speedy ways to repair your credit


Now there are speedy ways to repair your credit here is some of the best ways to repair your credit for that used car:


  1. Get a credit card if you don’t have one. Using a credit card can actually really improve your credit score. Make sure your credit card or bank reports to all three of the credit bureaus.
  2. Possibly look into an installment loan you again will want to make sure that the bank reports it and also your best bet for the loan will be a credit union.
  3. Pay down all your current credit cards. Paying down your other loans like a mortgage or an auto loan, even student loans will help your credit score.
  4. Used your credit cards lightly so don’t go running up balances on a credit card that can hurt your credit score.
  5. Check your card limits. Make sure you have the limits that the lenders have issued.
  6. The older the card the better. But if you stop using it the lender might close the account and stop updating it to the bureau.
  7. Dispute negative items that are on your credit report
  8. Always check your credit score for errors. Errors can really cost you.


This is a great start to boosting your credit score for the best auto loan financing you can get. The better your credit score the better the interest and the shorter your auto loan term will be.


Lets talk down payment at the car dealership

bad credit auto loans in San Jose CA

A down payment will really help to in the process of working with a lender. And having a down payment for a used car in Seattle is never a bad thing and at times can be better than a $0 down car payment for Seattle car buyers.


Why because a down payment means you will have equity in the car.

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