Used Car Buying Tips in Seattle WA

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no money down used cars in seattleNo matter who you are money buying tips for new and used cars in Seattle are always good to have. Most people don’t make second hand cars in Seattle WA their first choice for a car.


Start with browsing online for a used car in Seattle


As a car buyer you should always want to check online before hopping from car dealer to car dealer. The honest truth to this is your probably going to find the best used car deals in Seattle online every car dealer is different so be aware.


Look at it this way when you’re buying a new car budget for at least 20% and if your buying a used car you need to budget for 10% down on the used car in Seattle.


Remember this though the higher the down payment the lower your rate will be and more affordable payments. So that might take the no money down option for a used car in Seattle off the table for you.


As the year is coming to an end most car dealers are trying to encourage you to buy new or used cars with making more car deals which can be good. But they are making room for a newer inventory.


If you want to see what your trade in could be for a used car in Seattle I want to mention that you should shop around a bit because all car dealerships in Seattle will offer you different pricing.


Shop online and compare used cars in Seattle


The best tip anyone can share is to compare used cars online before you head to the car lots. You don’t want to be wasting your time thinking your going to get a deal on a car once you get to the car dealership.


New cars don’t have much room to wiggle but used cars can a bit most of the time used cars are about $4K higher on price because there marked up so the dealer might be able to come down $1,500 or so.


It’s not a bad thing to lease but buying a used car and driving it for about 10 years could play out better in your favor in Seattle.


Tips to remember for used cars in Seattle WA


What you also want to do with used car buying in Seattle is be smart. Get some of these tips.


  • Set a budget for the used car
  • Look at the vehicle history report
  • Find the used car buying route that makes you most comfortable


When it comes to a three year old car you might be look at mileage at 36K or more maybe a little less. But you never want to buy a used car with over 50K miles on it you could be asking for some trouble.


Are you having trouble finding the right used car or the right car financing for a used car? Get the help you need in Seattle Washington.

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