Car Loans on the West Coast

car lots on the west coastHave you ever wondered how to get a car loan on the west coast with bad credit? We honestly want you to get the best chance at a new or used car in your area of the west coast.

West Coast car buying

The car dealers we are networked with want to save you money on both types of vehicles. Our car dealers are located all over Alaska, California, Hawaii Washington, and Oregon. The car lots will have the most competitive prices for both new and used cars.

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The car dealer types we work with on the west coast are:

  • In-house car dealerships
  • Buy here pay here car dealerships
  • Rent-to-own dealerships
  • Special financing dealerships

Which in a nutshell are all considered the same type of car dealership. These dealers are also known to be used by car buyers that can’t get approved for a conventional auto loan. They are not bad to work with they just may ask for more money down or a different type of payment structure to get you financed for a vehicle.

Buy here pay here car lots for bad credit

Buy here pay here car lots are a solid option for people going through a tough time with their credit scores.

We also know the importance of a vehicle to travel across the west coast. Some of our car dealers will offer great rates and no money down cars with different credits on the west coast.

To be completely honest with you the best route to go is to get a pre-approval for a new or used car on the west coast and then start shopping.

If it’s a used car you’re looking for there are multiple car dealers we work with to offer the cheapest prices and you can even compare neighbor car lots.

If your look at new cars on the west coast pre-approval can make it easier to shop because you know exactly what your price range will be and see what the car dealership can offer you today.

One suggestion we have is to shop around and compare prices on local car dealerships. We don’t recommend comparing more than three vehicles as it can become overwhelming for most car buyers on the west coast.

Car buyers shouldn’t be overwhelmed with thinking about purchasing vehicles and our process over the years has been helpful to thousands of car buyers on the west coast.

Popular cities for car buyers are Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Seattle, and Creston Washington.