Used Car Loans Near Ambler Alaska

The Credit Pros

used cars in AlaskaYou may have bad credit but that shouldn’t stop you from getting a new or used car in Ambler Alaska. Through it will limit some of the local car dealers offers you may see.

But if you’re connected to the right car dealership in Alaska you will be able to get multiple local used car offers. Not to mention, the car dealerships that will be reaching out.

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Helping thousands in Alaska buy cars with bad credit

We have helped thousands of car buyers purchase new and used cars in their area. Car dealers in Ambler Alaska are trying to make car payments more affordable.

The car dealerships that we work with are traditional to buy here pay here car dealers in Alaska. So we have the correct car dealer to match you with.

Buy here pay here car dealers will match you with a car on their lot and do all the financing themselves and rarely do a credit check.

When it comes to bad credit auto financing there are a number of ways to get the help you need. Now before we mention the places that most likely won’t run your credit we want you to know this can be an option if you really are in need of a vehicle in Ambler Alaska.

These car dealers can also be mentioned as:

  • Buy Here Pay Here Dealers
  • In-House Financing Car Dealerships
  • Tote the Note Car Lots
  • We Finance Anyone Dealerships
  • Rent To Own Showrooms

Be careful with how they want to finance you and make sure the car dealership will be a good fit for your financial success!

Our number one auto financing recommendation in Alaska

Our recommendation is to first try and work with a credit union to see what auto loan rates they can get you in Alaska on a new or used car.

When you work with a car dealership no matter what they most likely will ask you for a down payment. Down payment will give you an idea of what your car payment will be over the next few years.

Additionally, the car dealership will let you know what your down payment will look like. Most Alaska car dealers want $500 down for a used car or maybe more.

Depending on your credit you may see the car dealership offer no money down on cars in Ambler Alaska.


As a matter of fact, we have seen dealers get car buyers little to no money down on vehicles with bad credit, slow credit, or poor credit.


You can start the process of getting financed or look at used cars in your area and get car offers right now.


Since we get the question of what Alaska car dealers want when applying for a car. We have a shortlist to get you ready so you’re in and out of the car dealership with the right vehicle.


How to make it possible for no money down cars in Ambler Alaska


This also can help you have the best possible chance of qualifying for $0 down in Alaska. The requirements to get a car loan on the west coast are fairly simple.


  • You need at least $2,000 in income
  • Sizable down payment. But not always necessary
  • Must be a resident of the United States
  • One year at your employer
  • No private party purchases
  • No repossessions in the last 12 months unless in a bankruptcy

Finding a vehicle at a car dealership and be difficult when you don’t have much to put down but we have you covered with our dealer connection we may even have a dealer in your suburb.

Get started with your dealer connection with the 3-minute application.